Monday, August 13, 2012

How Can You Meet a Doula?

As part of becoming a Doula, we are taught that this is our business and we have to find ways to market ourselves. Anyone with their own business can understand how that process can sometimes be grueling and difficult. As someone who also has another business, of which I started about 7 years is difficult when you are essentially 'selling' yourself.

No one is going to do the advertising for you.
No one is going to brainstorm about where to put your information where people who are interested in your services will be able to find you.
No one will create the 'ad campaign' to put on TV, so people can see your pearly whites...

Its all up to me. I am ok with that. Because I know the value that I bring to my clients and future clients. Its important for me to get my name out there so individuals will be able to find my services!

I have noticed through various Doula Meetings around the Valley, that there are a lot of new Doulas looking for women to serve. We go over how to 'market' ourselves briefly in our training, yet its basically Trial and Error. Plant some seeds, see what grows...keep doing the things that work.

Upon meeting some other Doulas in the area; we decided to create a "Meet the Doula" event. Our thought process behind it was that there are parents to be WANTING our services, they just don't really know where to look. Its especially the case if they recently moved here, don't have friends in the area that have recently hired a Doula for their own birth. Considering there are over 50,000 births every year in Maricopa county...I am sure some of those mothers would appreciate additional support!

We wanted to be efficient with the Doulas time, and the parents to be. Thus creating our Monthly "Meet the Doula" Event. Where moms and dads can come and learn about Doula care, birth and postpartum, meet Doulas that serve the Valley area and if anything; walk away from the event with a bit more information for them to be provided with Evidence Based Care. We wanted it to be consistent as well, so people didn't have to remember a different time or place every month.

If you are in the area and are looking for additional support, or know someone who is looking for support, yet don't know where to find that support: feel free to attend our monthly meeting. Its free, informative and lots of fun!