As my business begins to grow, clients will share their experience with me as their Doula. If you are interested in contacting any of these individuals, feel free to get in touch with me
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"When I was searching for a doula, I was looking for a one with a wealth of experience working in VBAC deliveries. My first birth was a c-section that was very traumatic for me and my goal was to avoid another one at all costs. I found Nancy with just a couple of birth experiences under her belt, but something about her personality made me reconsider my experience requirements. Her soothing attitude captured my attention, and she was professional in a way that gave me confidence in her service without feeling that she was impersonal. So I hired her!

Over the next few months we got to know each other quite well and I was really impressed at how supportive Nancy was of my birth plan. She also helped me to shape that plan by sending plenty of reading material my way. It became clear to me that she was a wealth of knowledge. In those few short months before my labor she helped me significantly to put away my fears about birthing in a hospital, dealing with hospital staff, and having another c-section. She helped me to trust my body to carry me through my journey.

When I finally went into labor I felt very prepared for the event. I went into my labor confident, and after I arrived at St. Joseph’s hospital, my fears about how the staff would treat me quickly faded as they were very supportive of my birth plan as well. With Nancy’s help, I was able to give birth 100% naturally to a handsome, healthy baby boy. Not only was she an awesome support person for me, but she helped my husband feel confident in his role too, which I believe was crucial to my success.

I would highly recommend Nancy as a doula. From the beginning when we first met to the moment the baby arrived, she was thorough and absolutely amazing." ~Teresa, Phoenix, AZ

"Nancy Weyler was my doula and she was amazing. My daughters father was there and no one felt left out. Had it not been for Nancy and my guy our baby could have died. The hospital care was horrendous. I'm thankful for her and a doulas work. It was well worth every penny and more! If I had more money Nancy would have been worth and paid quadruple her charge. Doulas are the calm during any storm and the melody to a birth song." ~Jamillah, Mesa, AZ

References from friends and mentors.

"Nancy is a natural giver, always helping other people. She attended a women's retreat that I lead in 2008 and I found her to be very helpful. She was someone I could count on to take care of things. Everyone who Nancy has worked with will tell you that she is very dependable, considerate, friendly, easy to work with, trustworthy and willing. Nancy is always willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. She does it all with a good-hearted nature.

I have friends who are midwives and I have attended my friends homebirth. I know the personality and energy of those attending has a big affect on the mom and baby. It's not just technical skill that you need in a Doula. Nancy's energy is so sweet. She is a person so deeply committed to being of service, and I believe she would be a great asset to her clients."

~Deb, Santa Monica, CA

"Nancy is a very introspective, compassionate, healthy and thoughtful woman. When it comes to decision making she weighs all sides equally, bases her course of action with that which will most likely ascertain the the desired outcome. This level-headedness will help when dealing with stressful and emotional issues in regards to women and their pregnancies.

I have the utmost confidence that Nancy would be loving, supportive, thorough addition to any family prior to and subsequent to delivery. She would embrace them as though they were her own. She would constantly be educating herself and her clients to promote happier, healthier and loving environment."

~Beth, Chicago, IL