Saturday, October 20, 2012


"The way a society views a pregnant and birthing woman, reflects how that society views women as a whole. If women are considered weak in their most powerful moments, what does that mean?" ~Marcie Macari

The Case for Evidence Based Care:
When a woman learns that she is pregnant, waves of different emotions course through her veins throughout her pregnancy. Choices have to be made, not only during pregnancy, labor and birth...but everyday. It can be exhausting to weed out the things we consciously choose not to embrace by being a new parent. The Case for Evidence Based Care is reaching a critical mass; The US has a higher maternity mortality rate than 40 other countries, yet we as a nation spend MORE than any other country on healthcare. Women want to be treated as they are human, not based on 'norms' and 'averages' and 'protocol' and definitely not heard when discussing options with their Primary Care Provider. EVERY woman is different just as EVERY pregnancy/birth/labor is different. I can see on one hand why protocol and policies are put in ensure their is a formatted way of handling each situation that can embracing that kind of we loose sight of the essence of birth? Do we loose sight of the magic, the blessing, the mystical arrival of a new human being on this planet? Is there a way to build the bridge? Can we support the essence of birth while still providing the best possible care? Can we stand side by side women and help them make choices about their bodies, their pregnancy and their child without manipulation, harsh words/tones and attitudes that dis-empower them instead of lift them up? I think it begins with each of us, creating a small ripple of encouragement and joy for our family, friends and acquaintances. Only by making better choices, actively participating in our experience, can we learn through our choices and learn to make better ones.

Resources for Evidence Based Care:
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