Sunday, October 21, 2012


Positive Stories:

Have you noticed how people always seem to have an opinion on everything related to pregnancy, birth, labor and parenting? The list can go on and of the biggest challenges women who are pregnant face is negativity towards their birth choices. We need to provide an environment of non-judgement. Everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have and NONE of us should feel, or make other people feel bad for what choice they made.

One of the roles of being a Doula is providing emotional support. Women have a keen intuition on what they feel is best for their body and baby....after all they are the ones that have been living in their body! Doulas many times speak about "holding the space" allowing the woman the ability to just BE with her choices....really look at them from every different angle...providing her with information if needed...but sometimes, just being enough. That takes patience, kindness and unconditional love. WE all have our own ideas of what WE think is best...yet we need to allow the woman to make those choices and receive support for them, whether or not we align we her choice.

The majority of the time, we only hear about 'bad' stories surrounding birth. Here are some great stories you might not have heard yet: When discussing options with friends that might be pregnant, ask them this questions: "How can I support you?" ...and just see what their response is.

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